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Weisbach Church Messages & Special Songs:

Beyond the Area of Debate (12/30/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord (12/30/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Walking Together Toward Heaven (12/30/07 AM) Reuben (S)
Watch the Christmas Program (dialup users beware)
Special Christmas Service with Leanne Zeigler (12/23/07 PM)
What Does Christmas Mean to God? (12/23/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Welcome to Our World (12/23/07 AM) Josh & Mary (S)
Losing Jesus (12/16/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
My Son, My Son (12/16/07 PM) Carla Haycox (S)
The Greatest Story Ever Told (12/16/07 AM) Mixed Trio (S)
Reaching (12/16/07 AM) Joyful Noise Quartet (S)
The Mission of Jesus (12/16/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I Want Your Presence for Christmas (12/16/07 AM) Josh & Roda (S)
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (12/9/07 PM) Brass Ensemble (S)
It Is Well with My Soul (12/9/07 PM) Kids Bell Choir (S)
He Shall Save His People from Their Sins (12/9/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
O Come to My Heart Lord Jesus (12/9/07 AM) Rugh G. & Lisa F (S)
It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry (12/2/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I Know of a Name (12/2/07 AM) James & MIchelle (S)
Dedication of Mason Kerr (11/25/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Cherish That Name (11/25/07 PM) Leanne and Kimberly (S)
The Myth of the Tolerant God (11/25/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Come Let Us Worship the Lord (11/25/07 AM) Mixed Quartet (S)
Keep on Doing Good (11/18/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
He Didn't Come Down (11/18/07 PM) Men's Quartet (S)
Keep on Marching (11/18/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I'm Trusting to the Unseen Hand (11/18/07 AM) Eloise & Miriam (S)
Balaam - Part 2 (11/11/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Let Freedom Ring (11/11/07 PM) Reuben and James (S)
Our Veterans (11/11/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I'm Proud to Be an American (11/11/07 AM) Zeiglers & Jeremy (S)
Balaam - Part 1 (11/4/07 PM) Rev. John Zeigler (M)
There's Room at the Cross for You (11/4/07 PM) Ronnie & Kurt Allbright (S)
I Know Whom I Have Believed (11/4/07 AM) Trombones (S)
Gideons International (11/4/07 AM) Marcus Martin (M)
It's the Land of Life (11/4/07 AM) Christie and Troy (S)
The Laws of Prayer (10/28/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
From Every Stormy Wind That Blows (10/28/07 PM) Men's Trio (S)
Making a Full Surrender (10/28/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I Believe (10/28/07 AM) Survance Girls (S)
Lord, Teach Us to Pray (10/21/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Lord, I Need You (10/21/07 PM) Janae & Kyndra (S)
Instrumental Medley (10/21/07 PM) Terry and Vicki Tichenor (S)
You Can Be Sanctified, Part 2 (10/21/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Jesus' Blood (10/21/07 AM) Warren Albright Family (S)
Open House at the Parsonage (10/14/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I Was the Reason (10/14/07 PM) Eloise & Carla Haycox (S)
This Is My Father's World (10/14/07 PM) Woodwinds & Violins (S)
You Can Be Sanctified (10/14/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Cheer Up (10/14/07 AM) Leanne & Caleb Zeigler (S)
Prayer (10/7/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (10/7/07 PM) Ken White (S)
Holy, Holy, Holy (10/7/07 PM) Denise, Darrell & Jeannette M. (S)
Be Filled with the Spirit (10/7/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
I Don't Need to Understand (10/7/07 AM) Ronnie & Fay Allbright (S)
A Call to Godliness (9/30/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Put Your Trust in David's God (9/30/07 PM) Children's Choir (S)
Because He Lives (9/30/07 AM) Women's Trio (S)
Be Careful Who You Follow (9/23/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
He Giveth More Grace (9/23/07 PM) James & Michelle (S)
I Want to Be Like Jonah (9/23/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
He's Ever Interceding (9/23/07 AM) Girls Trio (S)
Knisley Wedding (9/21/07)
Pledging Allegiance to the Cause of Christ (9/16/07 PM) Dan Durkee (M)
Sin (9/16/07 AM) Dan Durkee (M)
Jesus Saves (9/16/07 AM) Haycox Family (S)
Remembering God - Don't Forget Him (9/15/07) Dan Durkee (M)
'm Too Far From Where I Started (9/15/07) Mixed Quartet (S)
Spiritual Pointers from a Bow Hunter (9/14/07) Dan Durkee (M)
Jesus Is Still the Answer (9/14/07) Youth Choir (S)
I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb (9/14/07) Youth Choir (S)
Failure Doesn't Need to Be the Final Chapter (9/12/07) Dan Durkee (M)
Lord, I Give Myself to Thee (9/12/07) Girls Quartet (S)
Examine Yourselves (9/11/07) Dan Durkee (M)
God Is in the Shadows (9/11/07) Girls Trio (S)
Six Essentials to a Real Revival (9/9/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
You Said You'd Be There (9/9/07 PM) Eloise & Miriam (S)
Psalm 1:3-6 (9/9/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
O Jesus Delight of My Soul (9/9/07 AM) Men's Quartet (S)
Goals for Revival (9/2/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Each Step I Take (9/2/07 PM) Ronnie & Kurt Allbright (S)
Psalm 1:2 (9/2/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me (9/2/07 AM) Leanne & Kimberley (S)
Hearing from God (8/26/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
No More Night (8/26/07 PM) Haycox Trio (S)
Psalm 1:1 (8/26/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Jesus Loves Me (8/26/07 AM) Ellen H. & Grandchildren (S)
Let No Man Despise Thy Youth (8/19/07 PM) Joshua White (M)
A Personal Relationship with Christ (8/19/07 PM) Mylon Albright (M)
He'll Be There (8/19/07 PM) Mixed Quartet (S)
Let All the People Praise Thee (8/19/07 PM) Ronnie Allbright (S)
The Wonders of the Lamb (8/19/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (8/19/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (S)
I Love You Lord (8/19/07 AM) Girl's Quartet (S)
The Worth of the Lamb (8/5/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
The Approachableness of God (7/29/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Oh This Is Like Heaven to Me (7/29/07 PM) Men's Group (S)
The Work of the Lamb of God (7/29/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
If You'll Be Faithful to the Faith (7/29/07 AM) John & Leanne Zeigler (S)
In the Beginning, God (7/22/07 PM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
He Can Move the Highest Mountain (7/22/07 PM) Jonathan & Caleb Zeigler (S)
We Must Have His Presence (7/22/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Jesus is With Me (7/22/07 AM) Ruth G and Lisa (S)
Passing the Baton of Leadership (7/15/07 AM) Bro. Zeigler (M)
Some Day...(7/15/07 AM) Ronnie & Fay (S)
Where Are We Going? (7/8/07 PM) Bob Leach (M)
It's Different Now (7/8/07 PM) Michelle & Melissa (S)
Seeing the Harvest Through the Eyes of God (7/1/07 PM) Dan Plemmons (M)
Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (7/1/07 PM) Dan Plemmons (S)
Hope, Help and Healing (7/1/07 AM) Dan Plemmons (M)
Oh Hallelujah, Yes Tis Heaven (7/1/07 AM) Dan Plemmons (S)
Patriotic Piano Solo (7/1/07 AM) Chad Haycox (S)
Christian Suffering (6/24/07 PM) Edward Cook (M)
I'm Too Near Home With My Lord (6/24/07 PM) Chad Damon, Reuben, Joshua, Troy (S)
My Jesus I Love Thee (6/24/07 PM) Terry & Vicki Tichenor (S)
Praying Until We Are Answered (6/24/07 AM) Edward Cook (M)
The Three C's of Fatherhood (M)
Be Perfect Like God (6/10/07) Steve Hight (M)
Where is the Lord God of Elijah? (6/10/07 AM) Steve Hight (M)
Seeking God (6/3/07) Joshua White (M)
Will Your Anchor Hold (6/3/07 PM) Trombones (S)
Psalm 107 (5/27/07 PM) Bro. Gibson (M)
The Swimming Axe Head (5/27/07 AM) Bro. Gibson (M)
The Love of God (5/27/07 AM) Ellen Hampton (S)
There is a River (5/20/07 PM) Bro. Gibson (M)
Let it Rain (5/20/07 PM) Emily & Farah SurVance (S)
The Unjust Judge (5/20/07) Bro. Gibson (M)
Just Wait'll You See My Brand New Home (5/20/07 AM) Terry Tichenor Family (S)
A Type of Holiness (5/13/07 PM) Ben Watts (M)
You're Still Lord (5/13/07 PM) Troy and Christie Thomas (S)
The Price of a Virtuous Woman (5/13/07 AM) Ben Watts (M)
God Is Our Refuge (5/12/07) Ben Watts (M)
I'd Rather Have Jesus (5/12/07) James & Michelle Gibson (S)
Counting the Cost (5/11/07) Ben Watts (M)
Only God Can Move Mountains (5/11/07) John Zeigler Family (S)
The State of Depravity (5/10/07) Ben Watts (M)
I've Chosen to Follow God (5/10/07) Vaughn Montgomery Family (S)
The Subtlety of Satan (5/9/07) Ben Watts (M)
Limiting the Holy Ghost (5/8/07) Ben Watts (M)
Oh to Be Like Thee (5/8/07) Ken White (S)
Ichabod (5/7/07) Ben Watts (M)
He Gave Me Something Worth Living For (5/7/07) Warren & Kimberly (S)
A Spirit-Filled Life (5/6/07 PM) Ben Watts (M)
Faces (5/6/07) PM Chad & Carla Haycox (S)
Living in an Emergency Hour (5/6/07 AM) Ben Watts (M)
I Am Blest (5/6/07 AM) Lisa Franklin and Ruth Gordon (S)
The Race (5/5/07) Ben Watts (M)
Some Day There'll Be No Tomorrow (5/5/07) Robert and Ruth (S)
Come Now (5/4/07) Ben Watts (M)
I Want to Be Ready (5/4/07) Ronnie & Fay Albright (S)

Watch the Weisbach Community Church Christmas Program 2007.